Aquatic Director

Hello everyone! My name is Leah B, but at Camp, you can call me Trixie. I chose this camp name because it was my mom’s nickname when she was my age and it means bringer of joy. I hope that I can bring joy to your camp experience and encourage you in your time here! I am looking forward to expressing my joy and imagination at camp through music at chapel and fun camp activities.

Recently, I finished my second year of school at Redeemer University. This has been a wild ride where I have rediscovered my passion for learning and imagination through a Christian lens. At Redeemer, I am double majoring in applied social science and music. Both disciplines have fostered my love in different ways. Music has been a huge comfort to me in times of joy and loneliness. Studying it has made me aware of how complex, intelligent, and beautiful God’s creation is. My applied social science major has grown my love for people and opened my eyes to our innate need to connect with other people. I hope we can do just that in our time at camp together!

Besides school, I am very invested in my family. It will be a bit hard to be away from them for two months, but I am looking forward to making a new type of family up at camp.

This year, I will be working as the Aquatic Director, making sure that everyone has a fun but safe time in the water. This will be my very first time at camp and I am very excited to see what God has in store!

See you at Camp!

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