Wildfire Wilderness Camp

Wed, July 28, 2021 (11 am) – Fri, July 30, 2021 (3 pm)

Wilderness camping is for the more outdoorsy, rugged type who prefer a bed of pine needles to a comfy cot!  This session will be offered for teens ages 13-16 from July 28 – July 30.  Enjoy this camping experience on wilderness property close to Campfire and spend some time with everyone’s favourite wilderness guide “Hey-U” and the camp staff.  Along with the daily devotionals and discussions you will learn great new skills like shelter building, making a fire, water purification, and generally how to survive in the wilderness.  Registration will be limited to government allowed occupancy and safety protocols will be in place.

Ages 13-16 (born in 2005 – 2008)
Price: $225 (HST Included)

For families with several children coming to camp, the first two are full price. The third child and each child after that are half price. To claim this deal, use the coupon code “HALFOFFCAMP” during the registration process.