Teen 2 Week

Teen 2 – Mon, August 19 – Fri, August 23 2019

In this exciting week, you will be challenged to think deeply, stretch yourself mentally, physically and interpersonally, and grow in faith and understanding. From early morning devotions, group workshops, to team games and evening debriefs, this week will be packed with activities and exercises designed to challenge and grow you.

Teen 2 is a great fit for anyone who is willing to stretch themselves, and eager for opportunities to learn, lead, follow and be part of a team. Are you in?

Ages 15-18 (born in 2001-2004 – must have at least finished Grade 9)
Price: $354 (HST Included)
For families with several children coming to camp, the first two are full price. The third child and each child after that are half price. To claim this deal, use the coupon code “HALFOFFCAMP” during the registration process.