Camp FAQs for Parents


1. Is Summer Camp 2021 going ahead?

We are eagerly looking forward to summer camp in 2021. Although there may still be uncertainty about what the upcoming months may hold, we are preparing and planning for an exciting summer of outdoor activities, fun themes and great friendship connections for campers.

Children have been indoors and isolated and socially distant from friends. Camp can play a key role in the months and years ahead in helping children. More than ever, this generation of children will need to have camp as a place to be outdoors, strengthen social skills and for their personal and spiritual well-being.

If the government extends social distancing or changes the school year, we will have to re-evaluate the summer camp season. We will communicate with you any updates as needed.

2. What are you doing to ensure camper safety and What COVID protocols are going to be in place during the summer?

We know that you put your trust in us when you send your child to camp. Safety and staff training has always been a priority for us, but in 2021, they take on a new dimension. We will be following all precautions and guidelines that government and health authorities set for us. Over the past year, we have also reviewed our site and programs and will be implementing appropriate protocols that meet or exceed public health requirements.

Prior to your arrival at camp, Campfire Bible Camp will send out more specific operating protocols that may include, but not be limited to; use of masks, social distancing, program/activity restrictions, sleeping accommodation and food service.

This policy may change with limited notice. Campfire will do its best to keep you informed if Public Health guidelines changes.

If you have any questions about registering your child for camp this summer, please send an email to our administrator at [email protected] .We want to ensure that you are as comfortable sending your child to camp as we are in welcoming them.

3. What is the COVID Cancellation Policy for summer camp?

The current COVID Cancellation Policy includes the following, please be aware that these conditions may change as the COVID-19 situation changes over the upcoming months.

  • We have already pivoted to decrease the amount of people on site at one time. Our registration will be at 50% of our usual capacity. Once we have reached our weekly capacity, a waitlist will be set up and the applicant will be placed on it. If there are weeks that are not full, your registration can be moved to one of those weeks or contacted if a space in their desired week becomes available.
  • In the event camp is cancelled due to a COVID outbreak or there are government mandates to shut down camp for the season, camp fees will be refunded in full.
  • If the parent/guardian/participant chooses to withdraw their camp registration for any reason, a full refund will be issued.
  • If a child/participant is unwell while at camp and it is determined that isolation and transportation home is required, a full refund will be issued.
  • Wellness screening (COVID) will be conducted upon arrival at camp. If there is any indication of being unwell, Campfire has the right and responsibility to deny acceptance into camp. It is expected that the health information provided upon arrival is current, accurate and complete.
  • The camper/participant is to abide by the current regulations and restrictions as outlined by the Government of Ontario and/or Ontario Public Health as well as the COVID-19 safety protocols of Campfire Bible Camp.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for informing camp if their child(ren) has come into contact with a positive COVID-19 case within three weeks of the start of their camp session.
  • It is recommended that campers do not travel outside the province 3 weeks prior to the start of their camp session.
  • If any illness occurs while at camp, and the camper requires isolation, the participant at camp will be isolated until travel arrangements can be made. The parents/guardian/participant are responsible for providing transportation home from camp as immediately as possible.
  • Campfire Bible Camp does not provide quarantine accommodations following any international travel or for assumed or confirmed COVID cases.
  • It is important for parents/guardian/participants be fully aware of the risks and hazards with respect to COVID-19 inherent in attendance at Campfire Bible Camp and participation in the activities at camp.

4. I want to volunteer at camp this summer. Are there volunteer positions available?

Volunteers are such an important part of each summer and we are so thankful for the interest and participating each year. Due to decreased capacity, we have had to make decisions about how many volunteers can safely be present while always keeping in mind that “Camp is for Campers.” This year, we will have counsellors again but that will be the only volunteer position available. Our Food Services Committee will provide cooks each
week and we have hired staff chaplains this year to keep the number of people on property each week more contained.

5. If I am a counsellor, will I be allowed to leave the property for my breaks?

We still have our cozy counsellor room with ping pong tables and comfy couches for counsellors use on their breaks. We hope to provide some delicious snacks as well as setting up an outside space that counsellors can also use when they need some down time.

Public Health stipulates that no one is to leave the property while camp is in session – the whole camp is basically isolating together for a week at a time.

6. Will I need a current negative Covid test to attend Campfire – as a camper, as a counselor?

We don’t know yet, stay tuned.

7. Will I need to be vaccinated in order to volunteer as a counselor at Campfire?

We don’t know yet, stay tuned.

8. Will I be tested for Covid-19 when I arrive at Camp? During the week?

We don’t know yet, stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

We’re sure you have a million questions. Some of them are answered here. Some of this info will also be repeated during the registration process. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to email  [email protected].

  1. Is there a discount if I register more than one child?

For families with several children coming to camp, the first two are full price. The third child and each child after that are half price. To claim this deal, use the coupon code “HALFOFFCAMP” during the registration process.

  1. If I have to cancel my registration, do I get the fee back?

If you have to cancel before June 1st, you will get a full refund. After June 1st, you will get everything back except for the $75 deposit.

  1. Can I request cabin mates for my child?

Yes. When you register your child, there will a space for you to enter in the cabin mate requests. While we try our best to accommodate everyone’s requests, the staff cannot guarantee that a request will be granted. We do try our best, though!

  1. My child has special needs. Can they come?

The health and safety of campers is one of our top priorities. Since Campfire is not specifically equipped for special needs campers, we accept them on a case-by-case basis. Generally, campers who can provide their own personal care (toileting, dressing, bathing), can interact cooperatively in groups, can walk moderate distances and do not require one-on-one care, can attend camp. We recognize all situations are unique and should be assessed based on the individual needs of the camper. If any of these items are a challenge please contact the Nursing Committee at [email protected] before registering for camp. We want to ensure that the camp experience will be safe and positive for your child.

If your child has been diagnosed with specific behavioural exceptionalities, it is good to make us aware of this on the registration form. We want to accommodate campers to the best of our ability, and part of that includes being aware of the specific struggles of your child. That way we can best support them in their experience at camp!

  1. How do you deal with homesickness?

Campfire has a camp mom every week who is available to help counsellors who have campers that are dealing with homesickness. As a general rule, we do not allow homesick campers to call home, but instead will try to use other strategies to comfort them.

  1. My child has anaphylaxis. How do you deal with this?

If your child has a potentially life-threatening allergy (anaphylaxis), please fill out the Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan and bring with (or send with) your child to camp.

  1. What time does camp start and end?

Camp registration opens at 10am on Monday mornings. Registration goes from 10am to 11:30am.

Except for those attending Wilderness week, all weeks end on Fridays with a closing ceremony at 3pm. The ceremony, which you are welcome to attend, is usually finished by 3:45pm.

Wilderness week ends on Saturday morning at 11am.

  1. My child is taking the bus. Where I can I find the information?

For campers who are registered for the BUS: Please have your camper at Streetlight Christian Church (82 Ferguson Ave N, Hamilton) at 8:15 am on the Monday. The bus will arrive back at Streetlight on Friday at approximately 6:30 pm, depending on traffic. The cost is $30 per camper, each way. For more info click here

  1. What is the dress code?

Please find the complete dress code here.

  1. What should my child bring?

There are three different packing lists, depending on which week your child will be attending. For those coming to Camp please see the packing list available here.

Please note that we are a camp that practices sun safety, so all campers and volunteers must wear hats during the middle hours of the day.

Please remember to label all items brought to camp.  Each year after camp clean-up we seem to be left with four or five garbage bags full of campers’ clothing to bring to the Mission Thrift Store!

  1. What is your plan when it comes to lice and bed bugs?

Please see our bed bugs policy and lice policy for more info. 

  1. What medical information does the nurse need from me about my child?

Please fill out the Last Minute Medical Sheet and bring with (or send with) your child to camp.

We Practice Sun Safety!