Bed Bugs

You are likely aware that incidents of bed bugs have been noted over the last few years in homes, schools, and hotels throughout North America.

Bed bugs are not native to Grey County/Markdale area. They arrive in the bedding of unsuspecting campers and guests and have found their way to camps right across Ontario.  Campfire! Bible Camp is aware of the bed bug issue and taken actions to address issues since our first occurrence of bed bugs in 2010.

As of 2019 Campfire! Bible Camp updated our policies and procedures with a goal to prevent or reduce the chance of bed bug coming to camp, an active process to deal with any bed bug issues quickly and an overall communication strategy from registration to returning home.

To reduce the possibility of bed bugs coming to camp, all campers are to use the packing bags provided or garbage bags for clothing and bedding.  Unlike suit cases, these packing bags and garbage bags and be washed and cleaned (heated) easily to treat the issue at camp should the need arise.

If the existence of bed bugs are confirmed, our trained staff use an extermination process that includes relocating affected campers and/or guests, temperature (heat) treating their bedding and bedclothes and using heat and steam to destroy the bugs, larva and eggs.

Our protocol also includes a communication strategy.  If your child is staying in cabins where bed bugs are confirmed, you will receive a specific notification regarding the steps taken for treatment.  A similar notification is provided to the leaders of guest groups using our facilities, if bed bugs are discovered in their accommodations.

We also want to inform you of good practices to prevent taking bed bugs home.  This same process is also effective in dealing with lice.  When returning home from camp (or a hotel, boarding school, university residence, etc.) it is advisable to take precautions with bedding and clothing to prevent bed bugs from being inadvertently transferred.  These include:

  • Immediately upon returning home, keep the clothes and bedding outside or in a garage until they can be washed. Do not leave clothes, bedding, or bags where bugs could crawl out and escape before treating.
  • Wash clothes and bedding in warm or hot water immediately and then place them in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes.

*It is noted that you can try and treat luggage and bags by placing them in a chest freezer at -19 degrees C or lower for 4 days and start this timing after the luggage has cooled to -19 degrees.  However, this method has not always been proven to be effective.

For more info on Bed Bugs please see this document: Understanding Bed Bugs