Dress Code

There is a dress code at Campfire for the benefit of everyone. This allows us all to feel comfortable and focus on what is truly important.  We have the following simple requirements:

  • No tanks tops (dark, thick strapped tank tops may be worn over a bathing suit at the beach), all shirts must have sleeves
  • No midriff baring shirts
  • No short shorts (shorts must have an inseam of 3” or longer. The inseam is the length from the crotch to the bottom of the pants)
  • No bikinis or speedos, two pieces may be worn if the top meets the bottom (if your bathing suit shows your midriff, you will be asked to wear a dark coloured shirt over top)
  • No clothing with offensive slogans or slogans pertaining to alcoholic beverages
  • Keep your undergarments covered
  • No leggings as pants or tight yoga pants (unless worn under a skirt or shorts)
  • Hats must be worn between 11 am  and 3 pm

So, no bikinis or Speedo’s, no short shorts, no tank tops, sleeveless shirts, tight T’s, or belly shirts. In all things we wish to praise God, and not divert our/other’s attention from Him.


View staff / volunteer official policy here.