Summer Camp

Sprouts Camp (Ages 5-7)

A ton of fun activities await our youngest campers. Sprouts camp is three days of swimming, building sand castles, critter hunting, playing games, making cool crafts, singing, participating in devotions, and of course, campfires! Kids love it! Learn more.

Discovery Camp (Ages 8-12)

Get ready for a whole lotta fun! That’s F-U-N!! Spend five days and five nights immersed in the beauty of God’s creation and enjoy all the exciting things Campfire! has to offer – swimming, crafts, hiking, canoeing, dressing up, playing crazy games & watching skits. Or campers can shoot some hoops on our basketball court. Older campers (ages 10-12) can challenge themselves to take their best shot on the new archery range! Learn more.

Teen Week (Ages 12-18)

Our team of counsellors and chaplains will guide you through both exciting activities and meaningful Bible study – a program that combines fun, faith and friendships. There’s swimming, canoeing and over 165 acres of property to explore. On top of these fun activities, we’ll take you on several day trips to Harrison Park and Wasaga Beach. Learn more.

Wilderness Week (Ages 13-16)

You’ll discover just how much you’re capable of, including surviving long enough to return home to your loved ones. Not only will you survive, you’ll thrive. Living in nature can be challenging but you’ll come out of the woods shouldering responsibility with greater confidence, not to mention some sweet life skills. There are no ear-buds on this trip – its about teamwork and communication. Are you in?
Wilderness Week will challenge you both physically and spiritually. Come away with a love for nature and the One who created it. Learn more.


One of our top priorities is the health and safety of all our campers.

There is a centrally located health center (The Med Shed) which contains equipment and supplies to handle medical and first aid needs of camp, and is a place where treatments are provided and medications are dispensed.

There is one Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse on staff for the summer. They collect, store and dispense all camper medications. Health promotion is an important part of camp life and that means taking care to ensure our campers have sunscreen, remain well hydrated, use bug spray and practice regular hand washing. Treatment of minor illness or injury is carried out in compliance with medical directives as approved by our Camp Physician and also Standard First Aid/CPR guidelines. All staff members are also trained in Standard First Aid and CPR. Accident and emergency procedures are established and implemented with annual training for all staff.

Should the need arise for more urgent medical care, Markdale Hospital is located less than 10 km away. For all health issues that arise at camp that require more than a Tylenol, band-aid, or side-hug we make every attempt to contact parents in advance of any treatment.



The health and safety of campers is one of our top priorities. Campfire is not equipped for special needs campers. We accept these campers on a case-by-case basis. Generally, campers who can provide their own personal care (toileting, dressing, bathing), can interact cooperatively in groups, can walk moderate distances, do not require electrically-powered assistive devices, and do not require one-on-one care can attend camp. We recognize all situations are unique and should be assessed based on the individual needs of the camper. If any of these items are a challenge please contact the Nursing Committee at before registering for camp. We want to ensure that the camp experience will be safe and positive for your child.