Spring Bounce Back Campaign

It’s 2022 and Campfire! needs you! Prior to the pandemic, Campfire was operating at maximum Summer Camp capacity with solid financial support from our sponsors and donors.

The past two years we have experienced first a virtual and then modified summer camp, and cancelled and restricted fund raising activities. The combination of limited camp registration and modified or cancelled fundraisers has slipped us into a deficit position and we are now looking to bounce-back as the pandemic recedes and we adjust to a new normal. The time is too tight with the fluctuating gathering guidelines to plan with any certainty our annual Spring Banquet for 2022. We do have some great ideas and a super venue which we will use for a fabulous return of this event in 2023. While the banquet is off, the plans for Campfire 2022 are on and we need your help to stoke the fire! Please help us reduce our current deficit of $45k and build a strong base for this season. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations.

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