Campfire Goes Aquatic in 2015!

“Swimming, swimming, in my swimming pool,
When days are hot when days are cool
In my swimming pool!
Front stroke, side stroke, fancy diving too!
Oh don’t you wish you never had anything else to do?”

The Campfire! Board and Summer Camp Committee are giddy with excitement over sharing the news that the dream for an onsite swimming pool at Campfire! is coming true. As a result of generous visionary contributions, this dream will come to reality D.V. by Summer Camp 2015!

When the camp was conceived on the current Grey County property, a designation for an onsite swimming pool was in the plan. It was always part of the vision to include an aquatic element to the summer camp experience. To date, the Saugueen River has provided the water source to camp via our two ponds. Regular camp goers would admit that these water treasures are best used for studies of God’s creation through critter catch and release and canoe activity and only provide a place for a quick dunk to cool off. Most of the real camp swim experience has been relegated to trips to a local pool or the weekly pilgrimage to Wasaga Beach. The addition of a pool to camp will allow the daily program to revolve around a variety of water games, sports, and swimming skills. Needless to say, during a hot summer, it will also bring great relief for campers, staff, and volunteers.

The Board is pleased to say that this project came to them at the initiative of generous supporters and was met with great interest by the Board of Anchor Association. Anchor has been running its own two week summer camp on the property for the past few years and have enjoyed many of the accessible amenities already in place. One thing that was dearly missing was an accessible swimming pool. This pool will have a “beachfront” access allowing for wading in and will be paired with splash pad accessories. The water temperature will be regulated in order to allow the longest swimming season possible for the campers. The pool location will be alongside the existing accessible washroom, shower and changing facility. This pool will be a great blessing to the Anchor camp as well as to the Summer Bible Camp.

The Board is thankful for the contributions to make this possible and will be seeking volunteer labour where they can to ensure that the donated funds are used as carefully as possible. They remain committed to not finance capital projects by taking on debt, but to raise the funds required before any new project starts.

Ultimately, we are all thankful to our Father in heaven who has made this possible, and we look forward to praising Him daily at camp, especially while we swim!

3 responses to “Campfire Goes Aquatic in 2015!”

  1. Marlene VanRootselaar says:

    our son Eddie is beside himself with excitement that the splash pad will be there for Anchor Camp! He is ready to help with the concrete work !!

  2. Marion Overbeek says:

    We are excited about this, the beachfront will allow for individuals in wheelchairs ample access to the fun and splashing! Looking forward to this very much!

  3. The vanB's says:

    Just when we thought camp couldn’t get any better…it does!!! A huge thank you to the generous contributors and volunteers that tirelessly give, allowing so many cherished memories to be made…’deep down in our hearts’!!

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