Reflections on the summer

Looking back on the summer reminded me of some of the great moments we had at Campfire in 2012. Since Discovery 1, there have been a few moments that really stood out for me.

For the first time ever, Teen 1 was an Arts themed week! It required a lot of planning and extra volunteer-workshop leaders, but it was all a great success! Thanks for the work of all those involved. The campers signed up for music, visual art, drama, and photography workshops. They had some time to prepare before they could put it all on display at the Coffeehouse on Wednesday night. There were some amazing photos taken at camp, many great pieces of art, a fantastic skit, and even an original song among the many musical performances that night! On top of that, the campers also got to include some coffee, hot chocolate, and special desserts.

The zip-line and archery were also new this summer. Campers got to test their accuracy on the archery field and got to splash into the pond by dropping from the zip-line.

Included in all these camp activities were the daily Chapel and Cabin Pack Devotions. Camp is a place where many spend a week getting refocused on God and His gift of grace to us in Jesus Christ. Up at camp, you can really see God’s beautiful creation in the people, the trees, and the stars. We also see His gifts of love and grace as we share it with each other. We as staff hope and pray that this love was shown to all who came to camp this summer. We certainly felt it ourselves.

One of the things we experienced as a staff this summer is God working through people despite their weaknesses (II Corinthians 12:9-10). Even though most of us on staff were new, God still made it a successful summer. It really showed me that nothing we do is brought about by our own strength or wisdom but in Christ alone (Philippians 4:13). Praise God from whom all blessings flow for another great summer!

Lennart (Rafiki)


The welcome banner for Discovery 1!

Testing our archery skills!


These were two cabin packs who received special recognition for their diligence in memory work!


Enjoying chapel!