Our New Logo & Tagline

Setting Hearts Ablaze

The new Campfire logo is a result of recently re-affirming the mission and setting the vision for the future of camp. At it’s core, the purpose of camp is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in the setting of God’s beautiful creation. Even more than that, we do it with joy and enthusiasm and watch in amazement as God ignites a passionate, active faith in campers’ hearts.

That mission, that enthusiasm, is packed tightly into our new tagline, “Setting hearts ablaze”. And to make sure everyone knows and no one forgets, we’ve embedded it right into the new logo. This is why camp exists, and this is what we’ve witnessed at camp.

The logo then visually portrays several key aspects of camp and was designed to resonate with campers, parents, staff, volunteers and supporters alike.

The word campfire bounces and dances on the page suggesting, not so subtly, that campfire is a place of high energy and tons of fun! From the moment kids arrive to the moment they head for home they are kept hopping. Singing, laughing, dancing, hiking, playing…

The overall style of the logo uses heavier line weights and bold colours in a circular shape. This gives it a badge-like appearance familiar to wilderness outfitters and major league sports teams. That visual language exudes a physical, active, fun experience that is very reflective of Camp activity

The colours blue and green were chosen to reflect the great outdoors. Campfire is located in Markdale, a beautiful place in the heart of Grey County, Ontario. It is an oasis from the fast-paced concrete jungle, an environment where many spend their regular days. At camp, you spend a lot of time outdoors and that provides a healthy dose of fresh air and a completely new experience for some!

Graphically speaking, at the heart of the logo is a red flame. This represents a literal campfire, which is a memorable part of any camp experience. It’s around the fire that we gather to sing, share, learn, and tell stories. The flame is also a well known symbol for passion and therefore represents the energy that fills the air at Campfire.

Like a typical fire, the flame sits atop some logs, that when you look closely, are actually an open book. This, of course, is not just any book. It’s the Bible because Campfire is a Bible camp. The Bible is what makes us different from the many other camps in Ontario. All of our programs are designed to explore God’s word and promote an active faith centred on that truth.

An even closer look reveals a heart in the negative space between the open Bible and the flame. In the middle of God’s word and all that passion is a heart that loves to serve. Rooted in their love for God and neighbour, the staff and volunteers at Campfire daily demonstrate a genuine love for their campers, for the Bible, for having fun and for the great outdoors.

All of these pieces together form a visual emblem that camp can proudly wear. It reminds us all what camp is about, and tells others quickly who we are and what makes us tick. As we celebrate 15 years at camp, this new logo represents a renewed sense of purpose. God has blessed our work to date, and so we continue to step forward boldly in faith and love.