Program Director

Hello everyone! My name is Nicole, but at Camp, I go by Alegria (or “Ria” for short). “Alegria” is Portuguese for “joy”. Life is beautiful and God is good: there are so many reasons for joy! Joy is something that I carry with me through every stage of life. Sometimes joy looks like jumping, dancing and having fun, but sometimes it means smiling through hard times and tears. Campfire is a lot of fun, but sometimes all that fun and excitement gets tiring. My prayer is that true joy in God will be the fuel that keeps Campfire a fun and happy place!

There are two things that I’m really looking forward to at Campfire this summer. The first is all the fun we’re going to have! I especially love that as the program director I get to be in the middle of it all! The second is deep and encouraging conversations with new and old friends!

Let me tell you a little about my personal life. I have two years of experience teaching mostly French and Science in a High School. I love teaching! In September, I moved from my childhood home in Grand Valley to Ancaster to attend Redeemer University’s two-year Bachelor of Education Program. My favourite thing about teaching is interacting with and getting to know my students. Every person I meet is so unique in their own way and it’s truly a joy to get to know them better (I am so excited about all the people I’ll get to meet at Campfire). I am also an active member of the ROOTS team, which organizes event for young peoples from the Reformed churches. Some of my hobbies include calligraphy, singing, playing guitar (very amateurly), playing hockey, writing poems, and I LOVE doing anything social!!

See you at Camp!

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