Assistant Program Director

Hello friends!  My name is Leah, but at camp you can call me AGAPE!  Agape in Greek means the unconditional love God shows for us and when we are filled with this love we give it back to God and to others.  Every week that I have spent at camp I witness God’s love being lived out so I feel AGAPE is a perfect camp name.

I am super excited to be serving on staff this summer as Assistant Program Director and am especially looking forward to all the FUN we'll have at camp: singing at the chapel and around the campfires, playing games, crafting, swimming, chanting about flies that may or may not be on us, and praising God for His wonderful creation!

 When I am not at camp, I have the privilege of working as an EA at Guido de Bres Christian High School in Hamilton, ON.  I live in the city of Burlington with my family.  In my free time I enjoy biking, cross-stitch, hiking, going to the beach, spending time with friends and family, and listening to music.  I love being outdoors rain or shine.                          

Campfire, to me, is seeing God’s love in action!  God is always working through the people at camp whether it’s during the excitement of the first day or the reflection of God’s goodness throughout the week, Campfire is always one of my favourite places to be.  We get to see glimpses of Heaven during prayer, singing, the giddy excitement, the giggles shared, the tears shed, and in the hearts that are opened and strengthened.  I am SO excited to be a part of His Kingdom work at camp and I cannot wait to see you there!!

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