Board & Staff

The board of campfire! is passionate about vision, good governance, and leading a successful team. Directors meet once monthly or as required.

Board of Directors

Andrew Hordyk – Chairmain

Anita Poort – Treasurer

Kim DeJong – Policy

Rebecca Blokker –  SCC Liaison

Jay Hart – PR Liaison

Tammy Krikke – Fundraising Liaison

Deb Alkema – Secretary

Cornelius Broersma – Camp Director

2021 Staff

Director – Cornelius Broersma  a.k.a. psir cheez

Hey there!  It’s me again, Cornelius Broersma also known as Psir Cheez. Once again I have the privilege of going back to camp this summer as director.  I am looking forward to camp this summer for many different reasons.  One of my favourite things to do is to meet and hang out with people.  I love getting to know people and finding ways to include them into camp life because there is no better place to be then at Campfire.  Some of my other favourite things to do are singing, Wasaga Beach, swimming in the pool, hanging out on the splash pad, campfires, skits, chapel, CPDs, meeting and showing new visitors the Campfire property, time spent in prayer, big games, and the quietness on the weekends.

When I am not at Campfire Bible Camp, I teach Grade 5 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Timothy Christian School in Hamilton.  On Thursdays and Fridays, I am at home with my youngest son Ethan, spending time with him and trying to keep the house clean and getting the laundry done.  Some of the things I like to do when I have spare time are: puzzling, reading, watching sports, playing board games and spending time with family.

Assistant Director – Samantha DeGraaf a.k.a. Kiyo.

ALRIGHT! OKAY! It’s time for my introduction! My name is Samantha DeGraaf, but better
known in the Campfire community as Kiyo. Kiyo. is short for Kiyoko which is a Japanese
word meaning “meets the world with happiness”. That is what I strive to do each and every day: meet the world with happiness and spread the love and joy that I have because God has chosen me as his child. I look forward to serving at Camp this summer as the Assistant Director!

When not living and serving on the beautiful camp property, I occupy a small house in the countryside in Brantford. I usually do not sit still for long and can most often be found spending time with my family, taking my “fun aunt” duties very seriously and being encouraged by the amazing friends God has blessed me with. I am also looking forward to stepping into a full-time teaching role in September as the Grade 1 teacher at Hope Reformed Christian School, where my name will most likely change from Kiyo. to “Miss Giraffe”.

Camp is my favourite place on earth for so many reasons. The Lord works in amazing ways at Campfire, and it is a place where this can be seen firsthand. Camp is a place where children can be heard singing with all their heart in chapel and around the campfire, somewhere that children might open a Bible for the first time or say their first prayer. It is a place where laughter is contagious, spontaneity is accepted, and prayer is lifted up at every point in the day. God’s presence is so evident in all things at Campfire, and I am so excited to share in those moments with you this summer!!

Head Counsellor – Naomi Tigchelaar a.k.a Meraki

Hi everyone! My name is Naomi Tigchelaar, commonly known at camp as Meraki! Meraki means to do something with soul, creativity, or love; and to leave a piece of yourself in your work. This year I get to do this again at camp as Head Counsellor! I can’t wait to serve, laugh, sing, love, and praise at camp for another summer. Until then, I get to spend these months leading up to camp recruiting and training counsellors so we can have the best summer ever!

When not at camp or doing camp things, you can find me either studying at Redeemer University, or in the small town of Vineland, on my family strawberry farm. I love spending time with my family and friends, being active and playing lots and lots of music! Despite this picture, I’m not what you would call an animal lover, but I’ll admit to having developed a special love for our new puppy Maisie 😊

Sharing the love of Jesus is a joy and privilege, and to do it in as fun of a context as camp makes it even more exciting! In previous years, if you asked me what my favorite part about camp was, I would have said singing or campfires, or some other activity. But Camp2U made me realize that my favourite part about camp is YOU– the campers and counsellors, and everyone else who steps onto camp property! Praying that we get to see many excited little (and not so little) faces on camp property this year! See you in Markdale!

Program Director – Steph Knol a.k.a. Zevo

Hello, friends! My name is Zevo, but most people know me as Steph Knol. Zevo means lively, and that’s what I need to be because I’m this year’s Program Director! I am so excited to be working at camp this summer because it means I get to sing all the fun songs, play all the fun games, and meet all the fun campers and volunteers. My favourite thing about Campfire is the immediate feeling that you are home, and you know you’re time there is going to be wonderful. My second favourite thing about Campfire is my megaphone “Pheobe” because she helps me to speak loud a clear and wake all the sleepy campers up nice and early in the morning!

My regular home is in Burlington with my family, but I’m looking forward to moving up to Campfire, enjoying mornings on the front porch, singing praises to God, and looking up at the stars around the campfire. I have just completed my undergrad at Brock University in Child and Youth Studies and will be starting teacher’s college in September. In my spare time (when I’m not writing papers or planning my wedding coming up in August) I like exploring new hiking trails, baking, and hanging out with my little nephew. My favourite thing is meeting new people, and I can’t wait to hang out with you are Camp – see you soon!

Aquatic Director – Deanna Herbert a.k.a. Jazz

Hello friends! My name is Deanna, but you can call me JAZZ. Jazz is a style of music characterized by improvisation and breaking free from the normal rules, which I think is a fantastic description of camp. Every day of camp is such a fantastic break from the “rules” and responsibilities of our day to day lives.
Instead, camp involves tons of spontaneity, freedom, creativity, improvisation, and, as the great Bob Ross would say: “happy little accidents”.

Recently, I’ve graduated from Fashion Techniques and Design at George Brown College, and am hoping to find work in film or theatre in the wardrobe department making all the beautiful costumes! Free time is hard to come by for me, as my hobbies include (but are not limited to) making music, art, clothing, costumes, and writing.

I’ll be returning to camp this summer as the Aquatic Director, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!! As the Aquatic Director, you might guess that my job involves all things pool, and you’d be absolutely correct. At camp, I’ll be there to keep all the swim times super safe and super fun!

Despite its fast-pace and jam-packed schedule, camp to me is a place to be refreshed. It’s a place where our ordinary lives are put on pause, where our regular responsibilities no longer exist, our routines are switched up, and we no longer have the same expectations on us. Camp is a place to shed your worries anxieties, and fears and instead to be filled with the Spirit and encouraged every moment of the day with God’s promises for us.

See you at Camp!!

Head Media – Jamie Bouwman a.k.a. JPEG

Hi friends! My name is Jamie but at camp you can call me JPEG. (I also answer to the multiple nicknames coined last summer such as Peggy, Peggy-J, JJ-Pegs, etc 🙂

I am thrilled to be stepping into year two on staff in the role of Head Media. To say that last summer was a challenge is an understatement but after adapting to all kinds of Covid-19 restrictions and still seeing so clearly Christ’s gospel reaching homes and hearts, we go forward with the confidence that God continues to provide for this ministry.

As Head Media, I spend a lot of time behind the lens of the camera capturing the sweet moments that take place throughout the summer. With these photos I ensure that Campfire’s social media accounts stay updated so that our parents, friends, and supporters can catch a glimpse of what is going on here too. I will also be making recap videos of each week for the campers to watch. Helping out by lifeguarding and making sure our pool area stays safe for everyone while swimming is another one of my responsibilities here at camp.

This September I plan to attend Algonquin College in Ottawa to study in a Film and TV production program. I love to create. Some of my favourite things are painting, writing, travelling, and listening to & playing music.

Nothing compares to being outside, meeting new people as they come together to volunteer, seeing joy on little faces, and singing praises with people of all ages. Campfire has become very familiar and dear to me over the years of attending, volunteering and working there but I will never stop being blown away by the love that is shown there: between everyone who participates in what camp has to offer and for the God we serve.

I can’t wait to serve Him alongside all of you at camp this summer! See you soon: Covid and Christ permitting!

Chaplain Team – Kevin Wattel  a.k.a. Jairo

Hey hey everybody! My name is Kevin Wattel (aka Jairo) and I am very excited to be coming back to Campfire this summer with a new role as one half the of the chaplain team. I could not be more excited to get this opportunity to work at Campfire again and serve all those who come.

This past year I finished my first year of seminary. I have grown to see the depths and riches of God’s word over this year in a way I’ve never seen before. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and spread the joy of Jesus our saviour to all those who can come up to camp this summer. As chaplains, Presto and I will be at camp all summer leading devotions, prayer groups and chapels.

There’s pretty much nothing I don’t like about Camp. I love the outdoors, I love being filled with non-stop adrenaline infused craziness, I love the singing and chapel sessions, I love the fellowship and relationships you get to build with other Christians, I even love the food! Most of all though, I love the way in which the Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of those involved to further the Kingdom of God Campfire is more than a spiritual high. Working at camp gives us as staff a front row seat in what God is doing in so many kids and young peoples lives. Time after time we are humbled by the fact that it isn’t about us, it’s all God. He is good, all the time!

Chaplain Team – Josina Wattel a.k.a. Presto!

Hey pals! My name is Josina and I’m so excited to be returning to one of my favourite places this summer as one half of the chaplain team! Sharing God’s word and learning alongside others are two of the most exciting things and I can’t wait to jump into this new role. My camp name is Presto! – a musical term that means “at a quick tempo.” At camp it’s easy to be quick with a smile, a laugh, a prayer, and a silly song.

There are so many joys that come from serving and loving all of the people who came to camp, and joys that come from seeing them serve and love others. I love seeing joy and zeal for Jesus come alive in people’s eyes, again or for the first time. I love meeting all the campers and counsellors, staring up at the stars while standing around the campfire, singing in chapel, and embracing the crazy, the silly, and the ridiculous.

During the rest of the year, I enjoy sharing my love for music with my piano students as well as studying theology and counselling at Tyndale seminary. Some of my other loves include my family, coffee, plants, long walks, and travelling (haha).

God works in amazing ways through camp, answering prayers, working faith in little hearts, strengthening it in others; in the giggles, the tears, the songs of praise, and through the constant prayers we bring to him. I am so excited to be part of his work at camp this summer, and I can’t wait to see you there!